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OLSAT® Sample Questions

Below is an overview of each of the OLSAT’s ® Verbal and Nonverbal Skills: verbal comprehension, verbal reasoning, pictorial reasoning, figural reasoning and quantitative reasoning. In order to better understand the material that will be covered on the test, OLSAT practice questions are provided below.

Free OLSAT Questions

Important: While the OLSAT sample questions shown on this page are representative of what your child will see on the exam, they aren’t taken directly from the actual test that’s being administered this year. If you’re looking for more information on the OLSAT and what it is used for, check out our OLSAT overview.

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Consists of Following Directions, Sentence Arrangement & Completion, and Identifying Antonyms questions.


Consists of Picture Classification, Picture Analogies, and Picture Series questions.


Consists of Picture Classification, Picture Series, and Picture Analogies questions.


Consists of Figural Classification, Figure Series, and Figural Analogies questions.


Consists of Number Matrices, Number Series, and Numeric Inference questions.


For more sample questions for each specific OLSAT level, click below:


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